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Real Customer Testimonials


“Pascalite has been a Godsend on a number of occasions that I should report to you.

A physician friend of mine used it on an infected fingernail (near the skin margin) last fall & in 3 days all of the infection and inflammation was gone.

  • I got a cat bite in my reattached finger last November (a deep puncture wound) & I ignored it for 2 days until it started getting really infected.  I then used a Pascalite paste on it; once again, in the 3 days the infection was almost gone.
  • I have a friend who has a wolf hybrid as a pet.  He had some kind of black tumor on his back.  They took him to the vet who said, “Bring him back next week & I’ll surgically remove it.”  They asked me for advice, & a poultice of Pascalite, grapefruit seed extract, DMSO, and aloe vera caused the tumor to fall off within a week.  It healed completely.
  • A friend had recurrent Herpes II outbreaks.  Pascalite immediately causes the pain to disappear & heals the lesions in 2 days.  J.D., WI

“I have been experimenting with more than a dozen clays since I placed my first order with you last year.   MUST ADMIT – Pascalite comes out on top.”

“I have been using Pascalite for a while now and love it!  I am so glad to see that you do have a website, since I love telling people on my herbal lists about you...I shall spread this around!  I would happily pay twice the present price for Pascalite, it is great stuff and worth more.  Thank you for your wonderful product.”  I.V., Canada

“Pascalite:  miracle thing, amazing thing.”  Dr. Edward L.,  FL


“A friend of ours got a Brown Recluse spider bite a couple of weeks ago on his foot.  It swelled up and he went to the doctor.  The doctor couldn’t help him very much and I found out about it the next day.  That night he and his wife came over that evening and I gave him some of the clay and told him how to use it.  That night he applied a poultice and by the next morning he said the “knot” was gone as well as the pain.  By the next day, after another poultice, he said his foot had completely returned to normal and he couldn’t tell he had been bitten.  The night he had come over to our house, he couldn’t stay very long because he would experience waves of weakness and nausea.  -  We were all completely impressed at the results.” Bob E.

“I was bit by a brown recluse spider and Pascalite is the only thing that has helped.” Diana L. CA

“A 10 year old girl in the country was playing around a huge tree stump (cave like) WASPS got into her shirt - stung 20 or 50 times---ran out screaming. 15-20 bites on her chest & back. Dabbed Pascalite on her, in less than 5 min. she wanted to play.” Mary B., WA

“ I had the opportunity to try the Pascalite as a facial, in a bath and on a spider bite.  Within a few hours of applying a poultice on the spider bite it was gone.  I was amazed!” Anita S., NV


“I use this Pascalite powder as a skin cleanser and I find it to be the best ever.  It doesn’t leave my face dry like soap.  Since I’ve used it I’ve had not one pimple.”

“My daughter is 13 years old. She has had severe acne, scars, and more. The doctor was going to start chemical peels but a friend lent her some Pascalite powder to try. It’s cleared up the acne and scars! They are so impressed with Pascalite the miracle powder!”    Helen C., TX

“A face mask made out of Pascalite is excellent.  It sucks the wrinkles and stays that way for a few days.” Dennis L., NM

“Well I have to say the PASCA-PAK has done wonders for my sons acne, to the point my two daughters are asking me to get more so they won’t have to steel his “miracle” face mask....And God Bless, this has been a miracle. Nothing, and I mean nothing, else has worked.” (sic) David E., TX


“We use Pasca-Glow soap and Pasca-dent (superfine powder) on the scratches on our horses.  It helps heal the skin.   With our dogs, we wash them with the soap for silky coats and sprinkle with Pasca-dent to relieve irritated skin.” Ellie J., FL

“My horse had a dime size pink cancer ½" deep.  I put Pascalite poultices on for about 1 month.  All is fine now and no scar!” Charlene E., TX 

“We have had excellent results using Pascalite poultices on our horse’s thigh that was torn up from a barbed wire fence. Kept on for 24 hrs. - changing daily.  It took a few months, but it is completely healed with only a tiny scar.  You could feel a “calm” coming over her each time the clay was placed on her leg.  Thanks to Pascalite!   We keep it on hand at all times!” Dan L., WY

“Thank You.    Last night I cut one of my dogs nails too short and couldn’t stop the bleeding - so dipped her paw in the [Pascalite] clay and it stopped quite quickly!” D.J., FL

“My dog had a leg with an infected tumor for 7 years. He had been treated by the veterinarians. I mixed Pascalite clay and water into a paste. I applied the paste to the dogs leg. We were going to have to have him put down but in 2 weeks he was healed totally.” Sandy M., MA

“I use bentonite for other things, but save the Pascalite for more serious problems.  Out carpet was covered with white things.  Our black futon cover has white things the size of grains of rice.  They’re not a worm.  They were from our cat, who also developed a staph infection.  I sprinkle the Pascalite on my carpet and the cat will eat the clay.  I’ve also started putting it on her feet.  Her wound has oozed and she seems a lot better.  Pascalite really works way better for me than any other bentonite.”  Patricia W., TX

“While soaking my toe in water and Pascalite, my cat came over and started to drink the water.  Now the cat is having her own bowl and she can’t get enough of the clay water.”  Marion S., WA


“My son takes a bath in it [Pascalite] everyday!   Keeps his wounds from getting bigger.” Raj P., CA

“My brother burned his face and hands in a bonfire.  I grabbed the first thing I could to relieve the pain, it was Pasca-Balm.  All is healing well and all that’s left is a small spot on the forehead.  He will have no scarring.  I’m so pleased with the results!”  Ron R., FL

“My husband grabbed the burner cover off of the stove not realizing that he had turned on the burner under it. I immediately made a paste of Pascalite and water and put it on his fingers. Not only did they not blister, he had no pain either.  Thanks again.” C.C., IL

“A friend gave me a bottle of Pascalite to use on my son.  My son was in the hospital 8 days with a wound on his leg that wouldn’t heal. We put Pascalite on it and it was healed in one day. GREAT stuff!!”  Charles G., WV

“I had a serious cut on my hand that was bleeding and appeared to be in need of stitches.  I sprinkled Pascalite powder down into the cut and in a matter of seconds the bleeding stopped and when it did heal completely, it left no scar behind.”

“Thank-you for the availability of the healing clay from the Wyoming Mtn.  I am a diabetic and recently had to have an amputation of the toes on my left foot.  I didn’t know about Pascalite then.  The wound would not heal.  I heard about Pascalite and ordered some.  After starting on it, my foot has showed remarkable healing and will soon be healed, thanks to Pascalite.”

“Pascalite clears up Staph super fast!” H.A.


“Some Uses of Pascalite:    For normal bath, shake less than one tablespoon into tub, this keeps skin healthy, it promotes healing and disappearing of small bruises, insect bites, etc.    For strong aches and pains from heavy work, lifting, etc...put more than a tablespoon - sprinkled into tub water.  This pulls out/relieves deep muscle aches, this dissolves foot pain from too much standing or too much dancing or poorly fitted shoes....” Los Angeles, CA

“When our daughter had chicken pox, we put about 4 or 5 cups of Pascalite powder in the bath water and she took several baths in it over the course of the next few days.  It really helped her and it was the only thing that gave her relief!  We just left the water in the tub, and each time right before her next bath, we would drain some of the cold water out, then added warmer water.  Some of the Pascalite had settled to the bottom of the tub and we would just stir it up so she could climb in her Pasca-bath again!  Finally, after she was all through with those baths, we let the clay settle to the bottom of the tub, then drained out the water.  We just wiped out and threw away what clay was left over.  It worked great!”  Dan L., WY

“I had severe psoriasis. I bath with Pascalite in the bath water (1/4 cup), then I use a loofa to scrub off all the dead skin.
I make a paste of Pascalite and water to apply to the affected areas. Pascalite takes the itch and soreness out. I am about 95% cured and the Pascalite keeps the rest under control. I can’t live without Pascalite!” Richard D., NV

“I love Pascalite.   I mix it with papaya, pineapple, kiwi, etc... enzymes and am using it for face treatments and cellulite.   It has a real absorbent quality!   I believe Pascalite activates some chemical substances in the body to flush out toxins.”  A.C., CA

“I use Pascalite powder to make a paste.  I disrobe and spread the paste all over my body, wrap myself in plastic, turn up the heat and sit for an hour or two.  The mixture pulls all the toxins from my system and I feel whole again.  I do this about once a week.  Then I rinse in the shower and feel wonderful afterward!!  I also like to soak my feet in water with Pascalite powder added.”  Marcia S., NY

“My friend tried Pascalite and will not go to bed without it.  He made a poultice of Pascalite and water and slept with it.  He was so worn out the next day from the Pascalite pulling out the toxins.  When Pascalite poultice is put on the liver, it restores it.”  Patricia P., TX

“I love your products.  I use Pascalite to help stop smoking.”

Please note that we at Pascalite make no claims for Pascalite clay and products.  This natural product is sold for external use only and is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.  These statements and Pascalite have not been evaluated by the United States FDA.  Consult with your health care provider for any ailment.