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Clay: Simple & Natural Wound Care

Clay is a natural live medium, which helps generate and maintain life.  At Pascalite, Inc., in Worland, Wyoming, we use the finest clay for the most effective natural wound care around.

Skin Ointment - Natural Wound Care

Many Uses & Forms

There are multiple varieties of different colors of clay, known by many different names, each with its own properties, mineral makeup, and uses.

Clay is known to possess both adsorbent and absorbent powers. The natural tendency of clay is to absorb toxins and suck poison from an environment. Clay is negatively charged and toxins are positively charged. Clay has the power to attract toxins (like a magnet) and stimulate the evacuation of toxic and non-useful elements. It soaks up impurities and toxins (like a sponge), allowing these to attach to the clay, and then clay acts like a catalyst to eliminate them.

Clay helps your body heal itself by going to the unhealthy place where toxins and impurities are lodged, and draws them out. It seems to have the ability to know where to center itself to provide the best possible benefit. In this way, clay functions with a kind of wisdom.

Simply clay

Perfect for maintaining good health, as well as for healing and therapeutic purposes, clay is a wonderful natural alternative to other standard methods.
Clay can be mixed with water or other mediums to form a kind of paste for soothing and drawing out toxins; or it can be used dry as a deodorant, and in baths.

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