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Pascalite:  Affordable Alternative Remedy

Find one of the best alternative remedies in the country at Pascalite, Inc., in Worland, Wyoming.  Our Pascalite healing clay is used for many external health purposes, and is completely one-of-a-kind.

Classification & Location

Pascalite is classified as a calcium bentonite/montmorillonite, and is considered a white clay, though it actually has a cream color to it.  It is of the non-swelling type, and is found in Nature's Own Laboratory, at 8,600 feet in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains. USA.

Situated in a beautiful and secluded valley, our mine is miles away from any electricity or plumbing. Because Pascalite is located in a high-vortex area, our unique clay has an unusually strong energy level.


The Many Uses of Pascalite Healing Clay

Pascalite is so versatile that there are countless reasons you should use it often. It is an inexpensive and natural all-purpose alternative remedy, and should be kept available for using at all times. Many users report that they feel Pascalite is more powerful, yet more gentle, and superior, than the other clays.

Below are just some of the great ways Pascalite clay is used:

• Burns
• Spider & Bug/Insect  Bites
• Cuts & Scrapes
• Rashes & Skin Ailments
• Minor Wounds
• Acne & Other Skin Issues
• Facial Masks
• Arthritis
• Infections
• Animals & Plants

• Detoxes & Baths
• Skin Softener/Cleanser
• Deodorant
• Body Powder




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